Container Liner


General Product Information:

Container liner is usually placed 20' or 40' in the container, it can be large tonnage shipping solid bulk granular, powder products.Applicable products:1 risk free flowing productsSoy, beans, barley, wheat, corn, cocoa powder, fish meal, flour, milk, peanuts, nuts, peas, lentils, rice, salt, starch, sugar, tea leaves, seeds, animal feed, mixed feed grain.2 granular or powdery bulkPolyethylene particles, polypropylene, nylon polymer particles, ABS resin, polycarbonate pellets, powder, fertilizer, glass beads, polyester particles, PVC particles, baking powder, zinc powder, cleaning agent, clay, two titanium dioxide powder.We will take the best products, the most preferential prices, the most sincere service for customers at home and abroad, welcome to order!!TEL:+86-18663969833 E-MAIL:*


Industry:Packaging Industry
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