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MASTER SHIPPING LOGISTICSYour work easy under any skyInformation and contact details. MSL Business Name: Master shipping Logistics Co. Business Address: 20-nasr St, Floor 6 apartment 503, Alexandria-Egypt Phone/Fax: 002 03 4839970 Web: Board of director Alshehaway E-mail: Mob: 002 01155199266-01063299332 Fouad E-mail: Mob: 002 01061110816 shanshan E-mail: Mob: 002 01120500802-01004240990 Management Director Ms. Hana Ezzat Marketing Manager E-mail: Mob: 002 01008041213-01275161981 Skype id: Hanaezzat91 MS. Omnia Lotfy Operation Manager E-mail: Mob: 002 01008041281 Skype id: Ms. Esraa Hassan Finance department E-mail: Mob: 002 01008041899-011004096928 Skype id: MSL overview when you need to select a total logistics solution provider there are two factors to consider: time and money. MSL Shipping Logistics is a specialized logistics provider that supplies customized, personal logistics services designed to save our clients time and money – and alleviate their stress. For more than two decades, we’ve helped client's ship products across the country and around the world. We’re familiar with this industry, and recognize the time constraints involved. MSL provide integrated professional consultant and logistics services, Ocean Freight, Air freight, inland freight, cargo insurance, Consulting and training, we start our work form concept of listen to our customer needs. We sit down with our customers and really listen to their needs. We get to know their company, and their industry. And we develop logistics solutions accordingly.“This world always has these large dreamers that come up with great concepts,” says Andries. “Where we come in, are we can take those big concepts, and we can break it down with our skill set from a logistical standpoint, and Help our customers figure out the most cost-efficient and effective way to support their business strategies.”With MASTER SHIPPING LOGISTICS (MSL), we can help you turn the dream into a smooth-sailing, affordable reality with an enduring vision to deliver the finest logistics and transportation service experience in the world. We continue to pursue that same vision in today's complex, uncertain world, working every day to earn our customers’ trust. A familiar face. A live voice on the line. A more passionate brand of service you would expect from a family-owned enterprise. Trust the accountability. We are MSL. An extended family with talented people in every major market around the world with one common goal, to help our customers grow.Core valuesMSLProcedures, values and attitudes are crucial to our not to mention the success we enjoy. At -reputation we focus on MASTER SHIPPING LOGISTICSpossibilities, not limitations. By being able to think alternatively and creatively, we attain our goals. We continue to evolve and keep abreast of changes and developments. We strive to be dynamic and adaptable. We don’t sit back while the world passes us by. We operate under the motto “freedom with responsibility”, confident that each of our employees acts responsibly and makes decisions that will benefit you as our customer. We are proactive and work with our clients, to keep an eye on the “big picture”. We are good business people who attach great importance to minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency – but not at any cost - people and the environment must be considered as well.MSL SERVICES Sea Freight Shipping Container Load)-Than-LCL(Less MSL Shipping Logistics’ Consolidators’ LCL (less-than-container loads) shipping service provides you with shared cargo space to maximize cost efficiency. We have dedicated more than 5 years to developing and maintaining a reliable and efficient LCL network. All LCL shipment consolidations are handled by our company and agent in worldwide facilities to ensure the consistent service that’s been associated with MSL Shipping Logistics’. Is not being compromised. In addition to our standard LCL shipping service, you can take advantage of our completive priced door pickup, warehousing, cargo insurance and customs brokerage services to tailor every Less-Than-Container shipment to your specific needs. LCL Shipping Service Features and Benefits -Flexible schedules -Warehousing --Consolidations Deconsolidation -Fast transit times -Cargo insurance -Customs Brokerage -er Load)Contain-FCL(FullMSL Shipping Logistics Consolidators’ FCL (full container loads) shipping service allows you to send large shipments to more than 68 countries worldwide. Our centralized purchasing and capacity management has negotiated space allotments and optimum pricing with major carriers worldwide to ensure the highest quality of FCL shipping service. All partner transmit freight status updates, transfer to MSLkeep in touch with carriers shipping documentation and streamline bookings.In addition to our standard FCL shipping service, you can take advantage of our completive priced warehousing, distribution, consolidation, cargo insurance and customs brokerage services to tailor every Full Container Load shipment to your specific needs. For sizable ocean freight shipping, FCL is the most appropriate choice for your sea cargo transportation. FCL Shipping Service Features and Benefits -Refrigerated or chilled storage -Flexible schedules -Warehousing -Consolidations -Deconsolidation -Distribution -Cargo Insurance -Customs Brokerage Break-bulkSwire Shipping's integrated regional and round the world services provide a unique range of liner break-bulk shipping services. Our multipurpose fleet carries a versatile mix of break-bulk and conventional cargoes including;- Steel slab - Steel coil - Ingots- Beams - Timber packs - Rubber - Paper pulp - Mining machinery - Cars and Trucks (RoRo and Crane Load) - Bulker Bag materials and - Yachts Swire Shipping's vessels are geared with capable cranes that enable us to load and discharge your cargo at all ports on our schedule - including our island and regional ports. Once we receive your cargo our highly skilled and experienced operations staff ensure that your cargo receives the careful handling and attention to detail it deserves.Please contact us to discuss your break-bulk shipping needs.Air Freight:MASTERAir Freight logistics, this is one of our fastest growing activities at and unrivaled service, With our experienced staff SHIPPING LOGISTICS (MSL)we managed to carve out a major market share and we can be your partners for all your air freight needs. The optimum express air freight service for airport-to-airport shipments. Our service guarantees your freight will be transported on the next available flight to its destination. High performance ratings and strong dedication to delivery make air freight a preferred service for time-sensitive cargo. From small package to heavy weight shipments, General Cargo Express is the right choice for many shippers, both international and domestic.Our booking in correct time capabilities allow you to benefit from confirmed shipping reservations to expedite the process.Inland transportation: The inland transport part of our business offers you a unique intermodal shipping service whenever and wherever you need to transport containers by ocean, Air and land. Usually there are many contact points involved in inland transport, but we are trying to change this by delivering a cost effective and reliable full-service solution. Truck Shipping Solutions -LTL (Less-Than-Truck-Load) - FTL (Full-Truck-Load Expedited -Door to Door Door to Airport -Bonded Shipments --Cross-border trucking service in all worlds.Custom Clearance:can provide to our customer more MASTER SHIPPING LOGISTICS (MSL)services as custom clearance. Customs clearance work involves preparation and submission of documentations required to facilitate export or imports into the country, representing client during customs examination, assessment, payment of duty and co taking delivery of cargo from customs after clearance along with documents. Custom clearance handles every aspect of gateway clearance and delivery for you, communicating with customs officials and offering you the most appropriate distribution options. We compile accurate declarations and we pay duties and taxes on your behalf. We offer a range of added value services to assist with processing and distribution of your goods.With custom clearance you can expect:Access to specialists and agents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -Guidance, so your customs submissions can be promptly processed --Warehousing, break-bulk, onward shipment, pick and pack and fulfillment services for all worlds.-Standard services and bespoke options to suit individual requirements Thanks' for your valuable time to read about MSL. Hope to be partner from this moment. With MSL Team Best regards.


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1. Logistics & Transport: Transport, Storage Products, Pallets, Construction Equipment, Lables, Logistic Accesories, Logistic Belts, Logistic Boxes, Logistic Containers, Logistic Crates, etc


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worldMiddle East

FIATA 2017

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< $ 1,000,000

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1 - 10


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